Nokia Lumia 925: Two Months Of

Nokia Lumia 925: Two Months Of

I’ve been using my Nokia Lumia 925 as my main phone for two months and it’s been nothing but an absolute joy.

Since my last write-up, I have bought myself a wireless charging cover (white) that provides wireless charging functionality, something I really miss from the Lumia 920. The cover is reasonably thin and has a premium feel and texture to it, and is definitely not some cheap plastic. I find that at times the wireless charging plate doesn’t properly transmit to the wireless charging cover though, and I had to adjust the cover against the phone to get it to work more than once.

The wireless charging cover also protects the four corners of the device in a unique design that protects the device in a minimalistic design. The sides may take some getting used to but I feel that I can hold the device better with the cover which causes the back to be completely flat.

It should, however, be noted that the back of the white Lumia 925 and the white wireless charging cover tend to stain easily from my experience, but can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

In these two months I have obtained two more Lumia 925s (white, grey) to give to my family. One of them faced an antennae issue and could not connect to any network but that was solved with a quick visit to Nokia Care at Harbourfront Centre (repaired in 2 days). The devices were then set up with relative ease and my immediate family is now fully equipped with the power of the Nokia Lumia series.

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Here are my list of apps on my Lumia 925 I feel are worth mentioning:-


As well as all the wonderful and amazing apps in the Nokia HERE Suite, Pro Cam, and Smart Cam.

The Nokia Lumia 925 can now be purchased at S$550 (according to HWZ’s price guide), which is far less than its RRP of S$799 2 months ago, and any iOS or Android flagship. I recommend one with all my heart, and look forward to further innovations by Nokia and the Windows Phone family (*ahem* Lumia 1020).


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