Nokia Lumia 1020: Accessories

Nokia Lumia 1020: Accessories

Many I know love to accessorize their phones with all sorts of things, like covers, stickers, even audio jack plugs. The Nokia Lumia 1020 may not be popular enough in Singapore for you to walk around say, Sim Lim Square and see a multitude of shops selling accessories for it, but it does have a wide assortment of accessories available that you can choose from. Let’s look at the official ones from Nokia first.


If you got the Lumia 1020 hopefully you have the Camera Grip accessory as well, since they’re bundled together (black only, while stocks last, and apparently some places are out of stock already!). The Camera Grip accessory is an excellent companion for the Lumia 1020, especially for photographers or camera enthusiasts and chances are, if you bought the Lumia 1020 you fit in these categories.


The grip makes it look more like a camera than a smartphone, with the familiar hold of a camera will be welcome to many trying to take a shot. It enables users to take a steady shot while holding the grip single-handedly as you would a digital still camera. The Camera Grip accessory includes a standard tripod socket for mounting on a tripod, and should fit into any standard tripod. Some Nokia Stores and Telcos appear to be giving a mini-tripod as a free gift when one buys the Lumia 1020 from them.


That’s not all the Camera Grip does. It acts as a battery pack for your phone as well! When the Lumia 1020 is fitted in the grip, your phone is charged while you go about shooting. The battery capacity of the grip is 1020mAh, and can charge half that of the Lumia 1020 which has 2000mAh. You can also leave the phone in the grip while you charge the grip. What I found though, is that computers won’t recognize the phone while plugged into the camera grip. Also, the lights on the grip stay on while charging and can be considerably glaring in the dark.


As an interesting note, the Camera Grip can be used to charge smaller phones like the Nokia Lumia 720 too!


It weighs 72.8g, bringing the Lumia 1020 to 230.8g when equipped. If you didn’t get one bundled with the phone, you can get it at S$98 in white, black, or yellow.



The Camera Grip also comes with a lanyard that can be attached to the Lumia 1020.


There’s a small slit on the Camera Grip where the lanyard can go through, so no obstruction is caused.



Like the Nokia Lumia 925 (and a few other Lumias), there’s a Wireless Charging Cover available for the Lumia 1020 that doesn’t come with in-built Wireless Charging like the Lumia 920.

I find that the Lumia 1020’s cover is far easier to put on and take off as compared to the Lumia 925’s. It can easily be put on by pressing it into the cover and can be removed with little force. Even so, it feels secure and shouldn’t come off unexpectedly.


I initially bought the Wireless Charging Cover as a means of making the back completely flat, just as I’ve done with the Lumia 925. However, I found that even with the Wireless Charging Cover, the back of the Lumia 1020 is not flat and is still slightly raised. I guess the enormous bulge of 1020 just can’t be contained!


With my mission of having a flat back failed, I do find that it’s easier to hold the phone without the cover, since the cover does add an extra layer to hold, though not everyone feels the same. I also feel that the Lumia 1020’s cover may not offer as much protection as the Lumia 925’s, with the lack of protection around the top and bottom edges.


The Wireless Charging Cover weighs 22g, which, added to the Lumia 1020 at 158g brings the total weight to 180g. This is still 5g lighter than the Lumia 920 at 185g. The cover is available at S$39 in white, black, and yellow.



With the Wireless Charging Cover, users can use any Qi-Wireless Charging Standard devices to charge the Lumia 1020. Nokia has a Wireless Charging Plate (DT-900) available in Black, Cyan, Red, Yellow, and White, at S$88.


A Wireless Charging Stand (DT-910) is also available that also contains an accessory app activated via NFC. It’s available in Black and White, at S$128.



Nokia has partnered with JBL to come up with the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker (MD-100W). It’s got amazing bass performance and comes with 3.5” audio jack, NFC, and Bluetooth support. Play music via Bluetooth from your phone with a tap, and charge it at the same time! You can get it for S$468 in Black, Cyan, and White.


All above Nokia products are available from the Nokia Stores and Solution Partners around the country. Also, see other accessories not mentioned here on this page.



Another kind of cover worth mentioning is the Carbon Fiber Armor from Bodyguardz, that must be bought from their online store. I have one for my Lumia 900 and it looks and feels great, so if you’re into that get one especially with its considerably cheap price tag. See it here.



If you’re looking for other kids of accessories, like screen protectors, and a range of accessories for the Lumia 1020 to choose from, do check out Adix82, a local shop near Sim Lim Square. He has many covers and cases for the Lumia 1020 as well, if the official ones aren’t doing it for you head down and have a gander.



That’s all folks! Thanks for reading, this is the end of my review on the Lumia 1020. I’ve got two more segments coming up that are more informative than review, so stay tuned for that!

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