What’s ‘Appening: The Love Issue

What’s ‘Appening: The Love Issue

What’s ‘Appening is a series of lists by Microsoft Singapore detailing some must-have apps for your Windows 8 or Windows Phone device. Many of these lists were meant for release weeks, or even months ago, but the app list is still more or less relevant. Do check them out and discover some hot new apps!

Note: A flurry of What’s ‘Appening lists will be regularly published until the latest release has been caught up with.


Her. (Or Him.)




One of the sleeper hits for the 2014 awards season was Spike Jonze’s Her, a science-fiction romantic comedy about a man who develops a relationship with a female OS on his smartphone.


With devices becoming an integral part of our lives today, it may not be a surprise to see someone in a relationship with a virtual being in the near future.


For now, our smartphones and tablets keep us connected to our loved ones. And with great apps providing the icing on the cake, it makes every relationship sweeter.


Whether you are in search of the perfect date venue or a few handy ideas to spend quality time with your other half, we cover all the Windows and Windows Phone apps to make sparks fly in this issue of What’s ‘Appening.


Now – go ahead and plan that perfect date with your Windows device!




“Love is all about connection. Finding and sustaining the right connection with your loved ones is so much easier today with the help of some apps by your side.”




The perfect date

While making that special someone feel, well, special, may come naturally to some, most of us mere mortals require a little nudge in the right direction.

Whether you’re romancing your honey booboo or wooing a crush, here are some apps to help you plan the perfect date.


Location, location, location!

Like Tom Hanks professing his love to Meg Ryan on the top of the Empire State Building in the movie You Got Mail, begin your great love story (or great date night) by setting the scene in a “perfect” location.


Think your ole’ city is too boring? Foursquare (Windows and Windows Phone) has got your back! With great suggestions from its user base of over 30 million people, you’ll get recommendations for newest romantic restaurants, bars and sights on the block, with directions and photos to help you along. Don’t forget to leave a tip of your own once you’re done!


Make your date extra special by planning a surprise getaway. Look for the best places to eat, sleep and play wherever you go with TripAdvisor (Windows and Windows Phone). The app is incredibly useful even if you’re planning a staycation!

There is a saying about food being the most sincere form of love, and it’s hard to disagree when a delicious meal is in front of you. Find the way to your date’s heart without any hassle with Yelp (Windows Phone), which similarly features user reviews of nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more. Scrumptious dining options await you!


Setting the mood at home

If beating the crowd on date night isn’t your thing, try whipping up your own luscious meal for a more intimate and personal moment.


Get started with thousands of recipes from Epicurious (Windows and Windows Phone) and AllRecipes.com (Windows and Windows Phone), including suggestions for “Romantic Dinners”, so you won’t ever run out of ideas. The meal you prepare might win you a little something more than just brownie points. (PS. brownies are delicious and chocolates are aphrodisiac 😉 )

When it’s time to eat, set the mood with the right music by customizing an appropriate playlist on your Windows device.


From power ballads to dubstep, find them all on 8tracks Radio (Windows). 8tracks has every kind of song to ensure that you have the right tunes to make it an unforgettable moment!

If you’re all out of energy after whipping a storm in the kitchen, just flip the switch in Nokia MixRadio (Windows) and choose from hundreds of hand-crafted playlists for almost every genre imaginable — from pop to country and even indietronica.



Going the distance

How do you keep love alive over long distances? With a pair of Windows or Windows Phone devices, of course! Here are some apps that will help bridge physical distances:

SkypeSkype (Windows and Windows Phone): Just because your other half lives a thousand miles away doesn’t mean you can’t have dinner together. Take-out the same cuisine, light a candle, dress up a little and you’re ready for your Skype dinner date!


ViberViber (Windows and Windows Phone): Similar to Skype, Viber lets you text and call seamlessly across desktop and mobile for free, and kicks it up a small notch with cute stickers where words fail.


LINELINE (Windows and Windows Phone): Need even more stickers? Try LINE and its bunch of entertaining cartoon mascots. Conveying your thought and emotions has never been more entertaining and lively!


WeChatWeChat (Windows Phone): Calling, texting, stickers… WeChat has them all, and more! Try out the fun walkie-talkie mode, or simply throw out a message in a bottle to see who picks it up!




Couple activities

Fancy dinners, shopping dates, movie marathon – done all & still falling short of ideas to spend quality time together? Get some inspiration from these apps to create a memento that speaks of your love for each other.


Capture your best lovey-dovey moments for your Lock Screen with Photo Booth Pro (Windows) on your Windows device. With 24 photo effects to apply on your shots, you’ll be sure to be spending hours taking couple selfies that are bound to put a smile on your faces.


To create a unique set of memories, Scrapbook for Pinterest (Windows and Windows Phone) is a great way to be browsing Pinterest boards on your Windows tablet for ideas. There’s no need for a Pinterest account to browse through popular categories such as Food, Travel or DIY; although you may just have one to be scrapbooking your perfect wedding!

Quick tip: Do check out Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts and Kanako Yamaguichi’s wedding boards recommended by Vogue France when you are seeking for romantic inspirations. Those gorgeous gowns and floral arrangements have definitely set our hearts aflutter!

For couples who are into DIY and hands-on projects, Instructables (Windows) is a god-send. From life hacks to delicious recipes to outrageous DIY projects, the app is bound to provide you great ideas for creating projects that you lovebirds can call your very own.



Duking it out

There isn’t a couple in the world who doesn’t get into an occasional quarrel, but a little rivalry every now and then can help both of them to learn to work with each other and bring them closer together.

No, we’re not referring to fist fights! Video games are a great way to engage in some friendly competition without damaging the relationship (too much), and they’re easy to find on Windows and Windows Phone.


FacebookUNO & Friends (Windows and Windows Phone), for instance, is the perfect way to show your masterful hand in matching colors and numbers. This classic card game is virtually known by all, and will quickly while away idle minutes spent in the restaurant queue for your dinner dates.


FlipboardWhen you need to pump up the adrenaline, fire up Asphalt 8: Airborne (Windows and Windows Phone), which, as its name suggests, sends you and your race car hurling through the air at breakneck speeds.Immerse yourself fully with 47 high-performance cars and 9 different exotic locations to choose from. It’s like going on a honeymoon, but with the added fun of smashing your cars into each other!


InstagramFor couples, settling down into each other’s company for life requires a lot of planning and consideration. Settling down into a round of The Game of Life (Windows Phone), on the other hand, requires no more than a second’s hesitation.Live out your imagination on this classic board game, over and over. Will you play it safe or live on the edge? Settle down and get married, or stay single and indulge in lavish luxuries and risky investments? The possibilities are endless!


VineIf you have a little bit more time on your hands, Monopoly (Windows Phone) is definitely the way to go. Okay, you may need a lot more time on your hands — the average duration of a Monopoly game is longer than the average human lifespan.


VEVOA quicker match can be found in Millionaire (Windows Phone), where the rules to standard Monopoly are slightly tweaked to produce a fast and furious dash for a million bucks!
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