Get your FREE 200GB of OneDrive Storage

Get your FREE 200GB of OneDrive Storage

Looks like Microsoft’s feeling generous this Lunar New Year, they’ve got two separate offers going for FREE OneDrive storage, each one at an abundant 100GB.

onedrivespaceThe first 100GB comes from a Bing Rewards promotion. Simply visit this link to redeem (by 28th Feb, apparently) and get set up with an additional 100GB for the next 2 years.

If that’s not enough, redeem another 100GB from this page. All you need is an existing Dropbox account and follow the instructions to “drop the box” to get free storage for a year.

At potentially 215 (15 + 200GB) of storage, this is considerably more than the base free storage for Dropbox (2GB), Google Drive (15GB) or Box (10GB) – and with the awesome Office Online tools on OneDrive, this is an offer not to miss.

Have a Lunar New Year full of bountiful storage!

Note: OneDrive “Dropbox” offer may only work for US accounts – although it worked on my local account so give it a shot.


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